Furthermore, we have specialized in some processes across sectors:
  • Public Tender processes including requirements specification, negotiation and implementation

  • ITIL processes including design and implementation

  • Finance processes including design and implementation

  • Sales processes primarily in objective data gathering for efficiency improvements

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High Performance



From decades of experience with project management we introduce our new  Relevant and Accessible 
Project - Intelligence - Development:


Intelligent and automated suggestions to project decisions based on organizational experience and data

Bisnode - Improving Operations at the Data Experts

"Immenso guided us from the beginning and enabled us to run multiple projects initiatives which involved over 50 Bisnode employees. They helped on the macro level by ensuring the correct focus for the initiative structure to the micro level by guiding and giving feedback to the project team members. Setting the right operational strategy for the future is vital for Bisnode and Danora Operations. Immenso definitely helped ensure that the department integration has had a successful and efficient beginning"

- Anne Marie Dalen, Head of Operations Danora Bisnode

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