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Bisnode - Improving Operations at the Data Experts

Bisnode is Europe's largest provider of smart data and analytics and the company operates in 19 different countries. With about 2.100 employees from all over Europe Bisnode contain a wide range of expertise and skills, which helps Bisnode to accelerate their clients forward using “smart data” and analytics.

Immenso has been part of the Integration of the Danish and Norwegian Operations organization also known as Danora Operations. Immenso has helped with creating an Operation Strategy and vision for the new organization to achieve Operational Excellence. The goal is to ensure high quality customer service, sustainability, and market leadership. This along with vital initiatives to create the new Danora Operations such as process automation, Danora Dictionary, compliance, and Incident Management process. 

An example of hands-on implementation with joint efforts with Bisnode and using lean philosophy, an implementation of a new locally developed order webform was able to increase the internal order quality with over 30 percentage points as well as decrease the number of issue-creating orders. Another example has been the organization of a new Incident Management team. It has been organized using process principles from ITIL to ensure a high level of customer service quality through established communication and coordination procedures. Anne Marie Dalen, Head of Operations Danora states: ”Immenso guided us from the beginning and enabled us to run multiple projects initiatives which involved over 50 Bisnode employees. They helped on the macro level by ensuring the correct focus for the initiative structure to the micro level by guiding and giving feedback to the project team members. Setting the right operational strategy for the future is vital for Bisnode and Danora Operations. Immenso definitely helped ensure that the department integration has had a successful and efficient beginning.”

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